Dignity of Womanhood

Dignity of Womanhood If it were not for that particular actualization, society would lack civilization. At the Nature Network Resource Center-TNNRC, we continue combining art, play and drama to contribute to the conversation promoting dignity for women. Spot the bearded male mother donning the red turban, a symbol for blood and life. #SuicidePreventionMonth

Using September to reflect on the characters around suicide

Strategic Public Health Promotion, Awareness and Advocacy CampaignsTheme: Suicide Prevention, Postvention and MitigationSubtheme: Using September to reflect on the characters around suicide1st September 2020- 30th September 2020Topics and release dates:1.What is suicide? 1st September 2020-5th September 20202.What are the cultural, social, economic and political significance of suicide? 6th September 2020-12th September 20203.What are the risk factors of Suicide? 13th September 2020-19th September 20204.Why is isolation, binge-drinking, irritability and feelings of helplessness connected to suicide? 20th September 2020- 22nd September 20205.What are the signs to watch out for? 23rd September 2020-25th September 20206.How is it that depression and suicide, are the twins? 26th September 20207.What is the big deal about untreated depression? 27th September 20208.Is there a connection between Domestic Violence and Suicide? 28th September 20209.Are there cases of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, an…

Slavery Was Rather a Means to Save Slaves From Backwardness

It is argued that Slavery Was Rather a Means to Save Slaves From Backwardness.Specific Purpose: To define, trace slavery, and the dangers slavery poses to the dignity of persons taken as slaves and those who take persons into slavery. Slavery is the procuring, transporting, and selling of human beings as slaves, in particular the former trade in black Africans as slaves by European countries and North America ( Statement: Rather than “saving”, slavery has profound effects on how human beings can contribute to social structures which in turn affects their very existence. However, slavery has been condoned because it profits some who get so rich that they make laws to protect this form of trade. There are consequences!Introduction:Human beings have universal and essential rights such as dignity, sanctity to life, pursuance of happiness, express ideas, enjoy access to opportunities, and be provided facilitation to enjoy a quality life. The opposite is despicable.There are…