Improving Green Economy, Recovery and Resilience for Mountain Elgon Communities: Adaptive Public Health Framework Climate Smart Action Solutions

Case: A rural community needs to address high tree exfoliation and deforestation due to high dependence on green foliage for livestock fodder, building materials, herbal medicines, food crops, mulching materials, cultivation of land and wood fuel. Leading to soil nutrient depletion and wood fuel. Solution: Identifying forest product consumers, categorizing them into and forming the teams into Viable Groups, Afforestation plans, mixed farming plans, targeted animal fodder growing, garbage recycling and briquette-making. Significance: Formation of Viable Groups whose members are provided training and skilling sessions in leadership, visioning, financial literacy, biodiversity conservation literacy and skilling, income-generation, financial management, financial investment and saving culture, Greenhouse gases’ reduction culture, economic self-determination, increasing on the number of community members gaining the critical eco-conservation skills and using them to build a green-

Explaining, Scoping and Scaling the Adaptive Public Health Framework: Pursuing and Experiencing Happiness as a Lifelong outcome

Introduction: Adaptive Public Health Framework is an advisory rubric. It makes it possible to verbalise and narrate opportunities that normalise robustness of solutions which are intuitively accessible to people. Through this framework, we make Public Health a pathway to promote health and development programmes as catalysers and promoters for better life outcomes. Methodology: The Advocacy Network Africa (AdNetA) is engaged in aspects of interventions improving community wellbeing through community organising and advising. The themes are synthesized into heuristics or models. The themes are people-oriented and combine a range of issues or scope such as: TB Survivor Clubs, Post Test Clubs, Delaying Substance Use, Drug or alcohol disorder rehab, biodiversity conservation, child wellbeing, Climate-change countermeasures, Economic self-determination, Migration or displacement of people, Forming and maintain development cooperatives, Insurance, Health Financing, environment sustenanc

Adaptive Public Health Advisory Framework in Africa: Breaking It Down

It is about: Establishing durable physical, social, cultural, economic, gender, civic legal, behavioural, medical, biological and political enabling and responsive contexts, good health for all, for all ages groups, across the entire human diversity range mindful that fuller health experiences are possible within aggregate obligate symbiotic ecosystems and supportive networks, systems and structures. This is a  pictorial essay based on the themes below: 1. Skilling 2. Urbanisation 3. Best Practices  4. Empowering People 5. Self-education 6. Economic Self-determination 7. Biodiversity Conservation  8. Advocacy work 9. Social Self-determination 10. Civic self-determination 11. Outreach services 12. Spiritual self-determination 13. Master Class 14. Freedoms 15. Linkage to care 16. Contextualisation 17. Land use We hope you will continue reading about our experiences in the other blogs. This is the work we have done from January 2023 through to June 2023.