Supporting CBOs To Craft Social Media Content And Strategic Advocacy Work: A Case for World AIDS Day, 2022

 Creating platforms that foster evidence-based approaches contributes to effective advocacy work. This raises awareness and possibilities for engaging in habits and practices, preventing diseases, prolonging life and promoting health. The Organisations: Fantasy Soccer Academy (FSA) And World AIDS Day 2022 World AIDS Day And Soccer For Health Promotion (SFHP), 1st December 2022 At The Fantasy Soccer Academy (FSA) we can create a culture of continued visibility of lived experiences through tapping into the UN Observances such as the World AIDS Day. The visibility can be around resilience, using soccer (football) to denounce racism, xenophobia, stigma, discrimination or contributing to livelihood projects, housing stability, access to opportunities for all to a fulfilled enjoyment, HIV Testing, Linkage to ARV Services, food security at household level and communities and Climate action to heal the world. Today, tomorrow and forever let us use our social media platforms to mainstre

Join Our TB and Gender Based Violence: Stigma Wrapped Around Discrimination In a Package of Violence

 The 16 Days Of Activism Join Our TB and Gender Based Violence: Stigma Wrapped Around Discrimination In  a Package of  Violence  This campaign will run online and we shall amplify what other organisations are doing while at the same we shall show case TB Prevention, Response, Recovery and Resilience. We are using the same space to advocate for shorter and safer regimens for TB, and the importance to integrate them into funding requests. Gender based violence exacerbates vulnerability and risks to diseases for women, girls, children, adolescents and young persons. This leads to events and experiences of access disparities to medical care in the case of TB. Due to this they remain under or un diagnosed. The latest advances in diagnostic and treatment are the next step to ensure that all who need care and treatment get access. Denial is a form of Gender Based Violence (GBV). We join other organisations to continue to promote the #HealthToo campaign throughout the #16DaysofActivism to call

It Is Healthy To Dream But Healthier to Write Down One's Dream: Paper and Possibility

I am Tom Rogers Muyunga-Mukasa, in 2017 I won the White House Commendation for my work in the HIV, TB, Malaria Eradication, life promoting skills advocacy and Forward Prevention at individual and community levels.  I live in the USA and  I say that empowered refugees in the USA (New Americans) are enthusiastic about civic duty in their country of refuge but they remain drastically underrepresented in political spaces at civil and academic spaces unless they get the right qualifications and connections. The qualifications are not only College grades but they extend into cultural awareness and social mobility skills. One is called upon to maintain a diversified excellence and subtlety at the same time. It may mean for example, an ability to discuss Fyodor Dostoevsky; knowing something about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order; or a connoisseur of types of coffee or burger sandwiches.  These are fundamental experiences that one has to embrace in order to begin to rationalize as they navigate lif