The Advocacy Network Africa (AdNetA) and the Fantasy Soccer Academy (FSA) Joined the Entire World to Commemorate The World TB Day (WTBD) 2022

The National World TB Day 2022 Commemoration events were held in Machakos. The Governor of Machakos, Dr. Alfred Mutua said that “As a country, we must push for more education on Tuberculosis and other preventable diseases, advocate for more education on prevention and treatment to the grassroots and not just towns and urban centres.  The success of a nation's healthcare depends majorly on the political goodwill of leaders. From funding, investing in food security, hygiene, access to water, women empowerment policies and so much more. All these issues affect healthcare and I urge leaders, to invest in it.

The Fantasy Soccer Academy (FSA) has a unique and comprehensive approach to executing services. We look at the full human being. Football in our case is not about kicking the ball. It is about ensuring that the trainees gain comprehensive life skills.  We are parents. We are mentors. So, we integrate healthy living knowledge and skilling into our activities. This is how we linked community health work specifically, TB Prevention Advocacy work to footballing. This is in continuation of our mission to give back to society.

When the political will exists, so much is possible.  Communities can be mobilized to contribute to healthy living. This World TB Day (WTBD) 2022 we join all those who lead by example. Say no to stigma. Say no to discrimination. TB must not win!




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