The FSA Through The Soccer for Education Walks The Talk By Casting Winder Nets to Vie for Scholarship Lotteries

This April Month, One of the FSA Soccer for Education’s Focal Persons Casts Winder Nets to Vie for Scholarship Lotteries

The managers of the FSA cast wider nets to draw in equipment, logistics, facilitation, funds, well-wishers, and goodwill upon which we can run daily or recurrent activities.

Ms. Sathe Christine (Tina) brings this administrative role into the mix through lobbying for support in many ways. This time around, Tina tapped into the Equity Bank, Kenya Education Opportunity. Equity Bank Kenya's Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) practices include supporting pupils and students through an education grant that one must apply to.

Education growth and development goals are part of the Corporate social activities of the Bank which are part and parcel of its overall strategy. It is stipulated in the bank's mission and vision purpose which clearly aspires to transform the lives and livelihoods of its customers socially and economically by availing them of modern, inclusive financial services that maximize their opportunities. The foundation named Equity Group Foundation has two main goals which areto facilitate access to resources and linkages; and to support every segment of society in Africa in developing skills for self- advancement. The Bank’s social programmes are aligned with the FSA's mission to groom a well-formed person.

Tina has strategically ensured that the FSA Beneficiaries do not miss out on the Equity Bank’s social programmes aimed at providing school fees to students. But why would the FSA be intentionally involved in the educational growth and development of the beneficiaries?

There two simple answers to this question. The first is that the FSA team cares and that there are lots of opportunities such as Equity Bank Scholarships 2022 Wings to Fly Secondary School Scholarships in Kenya 2022 – 2023High School Scholarships for Kenya 2022Funding for Secondary School Students 2022Grants for Needy Students in Kenya 2022; and Equity Bank Scholarships 2022.

Other opportunities include Jomo Kenyatta Foundation 2022 KCPE Scholarships; KCB Foundation Scholarship LCPE 2022; Cooperative Bank KCPE 2022 Scholarships; Family Bank Scholarship KCPE 2022; Frank Thompson Scholarship At Hillcrest KCPE 2022; Canada-Mathare Education Trust KCPE 2022; High School Scholarship at Rehema KCPE 2022; IKM Foundation Foundation Education Program KCPE 2022; CFK Africa Scholarship KCPE 2022; Elimu Fund KCPE 2022; MPESA Foundation 2022; Beacon High School Scholarships KCPE 2022.

Education is important for children and through it communities create legacies to responsibilities to hand over to the future generation of the world. Education is a means to keep updated with current affairs. Through education, the children, or the pillars of the nation, are empowered to develop the country and the world. This means that we can confidently leave them with roles and responsibilities to make the present and the future secure. Education enables the children to acquire knowledge and skills to build the nation.

We care because giving is caring. Nurturing is caring. Minding about the life of others is caring. Education helps to build character because through education we learn about different cultures, languages and how other people think as well as live. When one has an education, one can fulfill the basic needs in life. Through education, we are taught to get dressed and learn self-care and practical life skills.

This event showcases how the FSA provides the settings for growth and development for all the children who attend our spaces. Indeed, in casting wider nets the FSA team continues to draw in equipment, logistics, facilitation, funds, well-wishers, and goodwill upon which we make it possible for many to experience the potential of life to the fullest.


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